New and Special Order Hand-Painted Drumsticks

Our Story

Voodoostx™ originally started in 2008 from "Mama Kent's" kitchen table while reading a local Oregon newspaper. An article about high unemployment rates across Oregon lead to the realization of how many students did not have jobs due to the poor economy. The Kent family brainstormed and came up with the idea of designer drumsticks. It took them two years of research and testing to develop Voodoostx™: custom drumsticks designed and hand-painted with environmentally-friendly paints, which resulted in the goal of creating work for Oregon students.

Fast forward to 2015, when a working drummer/school bus driver happened to receive three pair of Voodoostx™for Christmas. Stoked about the ultra cool-looking drumsticks and how great they were to play with, she learned that the business was up for sale. With money she had saved from her regular weeknight drumming gig, she bought the business with the desire to continue the tradition of hiring students and local artists to create and promote this fantastically fun product. Variations from stick-to-stick in color, pattern and density of these hand-painted drumsticks add to the beauty and one-of-a-kind characteristics of the product. We hope you enjoy them!

Product Pricing and Information

Prices do not reflect shipping costs. Shipping on one or two pair of Voodoostx is roughly $5.00.


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